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ITX 80 Vehicle PC

OPUS Solutions, Inc. ITX 80 Mobile-PC is the perfect low power, high performance automotive PC solution. OPUS Solutions ITX 80 Mobile-PC is designed specifically for Mini-ITX motherboards to be used in an automotive environment. This Product brings a new dimension to your PC's mobility and size. When the power ON lead is switched off, the PC can go into shut down, standby or hibernate modes automatically.

The 80 Mobile-PC can accommodate a full Mini-ITX motherboard and one low profile PCI card. The new compact design is specifically built for all applications with limited space. This case packs a vast array of features despite its tiny size. Its rugged design keeps your PC components safe in any automotive environment.

The 80 Mobile-PCs DC-DC Power supply has a micro-controller that controls and monitors various functions of the power supply operation. It monitors automobile battery voltage to protect against deep discharge. It controls and monitors motherboard signals to provide smooth power-up and power down sequences. In addition, it also responds to shut down, stand-by and hibernate modes. The power supply can be programmed to shut down the PC after a delay of up to one hour. The power supply outputs are monitored to assure proper PC operation. A green LED indicator in the power supply continually reports the power system status and health. It is also used for troubleshooting.

There are features that are built-in for trouble free and safe PC operation. The input power is protected against transients, load dumps and double battery during jumpstarts. PC does not reboot during engine start or cranking. It also uses state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced techniques to maximize efficiency, performance and reliability. Simply put, there is no other PC with a power supply like it.

Compatible with all low power Mini ITX motherboards that require a standard ATX input power connector and do not have I/O ports on the bottom. (ex. VIA EPIA MII 10K, IBase MB896, Commell LV675)

- 12V and 24V system compatible
- Built-in 120W Intelligent DC-DC vehicle power supply with auto shutdown (DCX3.120-H)
- PCI card slot (low profile)
- Shutdown delays
- Low voltage shutdown
- Remote device trigger
- 1 x 2.5" HDD mounting bay with PCB module
- Built-in reset switch
- I/O connector protection - Compatible with standard height memory modules
- Space for 3 additional RS-232
- Optional Built-In Bootable Compact Flash Interface
- Optional Stereo RCA Audio Output Jacks
- Optional 2 x USB Ports & Regulated 12V output for powering peripheral devices (1.5A Max) & Built-In reset switch

- Law enforcement vehicles
- Telematics
- Mobile GPS & tracking systems
- Mobile MP3 and multimedia
- Computers in trucks, RVs, boats, etc.
- Computers in inventory carts, dispensing carts, etc.

ITX 80 Vehicle PC

Normal operating input voltage range: 7.5V to 30V DC
Peak input voltage range: 7V to 36V DC (less than 5min at 50% duty cycle repetition)
Idle state power consumption: < 3mA (without any output loads)
Input Power Mating connector: Plug: Molex: 39-01-2060; 2 x 6 Mini Foot Jr.


Shut Down Delay Time: 10 sec. (Default), 10 min, 30 min, or 60min (set by Jumper)
Start-up Voltage: 9.5V, 10.5V, 11.5V or 12.0V +- 0.25V (Jumper selectable)
Low battery shutdown voltage: 8.5V, 9.5V, 10.5V or 11V +- 0.25V
Low battery detection duration: 10 Sec.
Wake on interrupt operation time: 20 minutes (while Ignition is Off)
Ignition or ON/OFF input current: <5 mA
Remote/trigger output source current: 0.30A max. (Switched Battery)
MTBF: 250,000 hrs min.
Cooling: Forced air or thermal coupling to heat sink for loads above 80 W
Operating Temperature Range: -20C to 65C
Input Fuse: 15A mini Blade (Automotive mini blade fuse)



External Dimensions  
Opus 80 PC with mounting flanges: 219mm x 253mm x 84mm
  8.76" x 10.12" x 3.36"


Part number: Description
MPC.ITX80.CP ITX 80 Mobile-PC with 120W Intelligent DC-DC Power Supply with I/O Ports populated

ITX 80 Vehicle PC

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ITX 80 Vehicle PC

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ITX 80 Vehicle PC


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